Getting to The Greek Islands

If you are coming for a tour around Turkey and willing to end it with a visit to the Greek Islands there are many different locations that you can take the ferry.

Kusadasi to Samos
Bodrum to Cos and Rhodes
Marmaris to Rhodes
Ayvalık to Lesbos
Kaş to Megisti

The ferry companies are Turkish and Greek. The morning ferries to the Greek Islands are operated by Turkish companies and they are not going on strike any time of the year 🙂 . They will depart for the islands around 8 am and will arrive back from the island late in the afternoon around 5-6 pm. Same schedule applies for the Greek companies as well.

It is better to purchase the tickets locally at the towns from the companies because the ferries will only run weather permitting. You can still book online at your own chance.

For more information please check this site or just simply send me an email 🙂
It is great to see both sides of the Aegean to appreciate it more...

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